704 Main St, Worcester Ma 01610 |  (508) 715-6514
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Colombian Food

Salvadorian, Mexican, Guatemalan, and Honduran food.

Gasta $100 y  Y te regalomos un postre.

Colombian food

Spanish food

Sopa de pollo
carne asada

What our
customers are saying


I Door-dashed My order when I called to ask about something on the Menu the person on the phone answered my question very nicely. The food was Great honestly I was amazed cause I am picky at times ,it was very tasteful and the rice was amazing. 

– Rosemairi Hidalgo


Great restaurant for when you want that authentic Hispanic cultural food. I was greeted with a warm smile and my experience from there was pleasing.


–  Antoni Agreda


I LOVED the food, very tasty, a cozy atmosphere, and the service with friendly staff.

Alex “Chulada”

Encanto Latino Menu

Encanto Latino Owners

Encanto Latino Owners

Pedro and Norma, a married couple from Guatemala, have made Worcester, MA, their home and the heart of their culinary passion. Their love for serving people and cooking delicious food led them to open Encanto Latino Restaurant, showcasing the rich flavors of Latin America.

At Encanto Latino, you can savor Guatemalan, Colombian, Salvadorian, Mexican, and Honduran cuisine. Pedro and Norma pride themselves on offering an authentic dining experience, using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients.

Weekends are special at Encanto Latino. Pedro and Norma feature mouth-watering specials like pupusas, empanadas, and atol de elote. These treats are a celebration of Latin American culinary traditions.

Pedro and Norma have created a warm, inviting atmosphere at Encanto Latino, making every guest feel like family. Their restaurant is a place to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the rich flavors of Latin America.

Whether you love Guatemalan dishes, Colombian flavors, or Mexican zest, Encanto Latino has something for everyone. Pedro and Norma’s passion for food and community shines through in every bite.

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